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A professional, reliable and friendly chimney sweep service, providing all aspects of chimney sweeping including:

— A powered sweeping system for residential and commercial properties
— Smoke check undertaken and a Certificate of Chimney Sweeping issued on completion
— Chimney inspections
— Advice on wood burners and chimney liners
— Risk assessments and method statements are available.

Whether you have an open fire, a woodburning stove or an Aga/Rayburn, I can check, clean and certify your chimney/flue and offer advice on how to safely heat your home. Contact me for further information and no obligation advice.

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Why do I need my chimney swept?

1. To avoid chimney fires
2. To help eliminate the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning
3. To allow your fire to work effectively, efficiently and safely
A clean chimney is a safer chimney.

How is the sweeping carried out?

I use a modern powered sweeping system, together with an industrial vacuum to remove the soot and tidy up at the end.

A clean sheet will be placed on the floor in front of the fireplace, dust sheets will then be placed over the fireplace while a powerful vacuum is placed behind the sheets. This prevents any soot entering the room. I will maintain respect for your home at all times.

Chimneys are swept from the fireplace and it is not necessary for me to go up onto your roof. It will take around 30 - 45 minutes from start to finish to sweep the average chimney.

On completion of each sweep I will always do a smoke evacuation check to ensure a good draw or adequate flow through the flue.

Finally, I will give you a certificate as a receipt and evidence of the sweep. More and more insurance companies are requesting this. Your insurance may be invalid if you have a chimney fire with no proof of sweeping.

How often should I have my chimney swept?

The severity and density of residue in a chimney will vary depending on many factors most obviously the choice of fuel, frequency of use, location, installation etc.

NACS recommends sweeping as often as every 3 months, depending on the type of fire/fuel. This will help reduce the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, help maintain the efficiency of your appliance and probably the life of stainless steel liners.

NACS recommends the following frequency of sweeping:—
— Chimneys with woodburning appliances — quarterly when in use.
— Smokeless fuels — at least once a year
— Domestic coal — at least twice a year
— Chimneys with gas/oil appliances — once a year
— As a general guideline for occasional evening and weekend use, once a year is enough. For more frequent use, you should have your fire swept once before you start having fires then once again half way through the burning season.

These are recommendations only and I will always advise you if I feel your circumstances should vary. It is important to check the wording of your home insurance policy as some companies have their own particular requirements, especially if you own a thatched property.

Customer Comments

“Andy arrived promptly and after discussing the process with me, he spread out dust sheets and sealed the chimney opening to prevent any dust spreading across my living room, so there was no cleaning up to do after he'd finished. When he left he gave me a certificate confirming that the chimney had been swept. Andy was very friendly and professional and gave me advice on how to improve the efficiency of my wood burning stove. I have already recommended him to my friends”.

Claire, Gloucestershire

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